Why choose a CIBC Non-Redeemable GIC? 

Guaranteed returns

Know exactly how much interest you'll earn with a fixed rate.

Save for education

Any investment income in your CIBC Non-Redeemable GIC is non-taxable while it’s in your RESP.

Multiple options 

Choose from a variety of terms to meet your education goals.

Our most popular terms


 1 year RDS%rate[4].NOMNONRD.Published(1_null_null_Year_T,500.0_-_1.0E9_CAD_Balance,21,1)(#O2#)%
 18 months RDS%rate[4].NOMNONRD.Published(18_null_null_Months_T,500.0_-_1.0E9_CAD_Balance,21,1)(#O2#)%
 2 years RDS%rate[4].NOMNONRD.Published(2_null_null_Years_T,500.0_-_1.0E9_CAD_Balance,21,1)(#O2#)%
30 months RDS%rate[4].NOMNONRD.Published(30_-_35_Months_D,500.0_-_1.0E9_CAD_Balance,21,1)(#O2#)%
3 years RDS%rate[4].NOMNONRD.Published(3_null_null_Years_T,500.0_-_1.0E9_CAD_Balance,21,1)(#O2#)%
4 years RDS%rate[4].NOMNONRD.Published(4_null_null_Years_T,500.0_-_1.0E9_CAD_Balance,21,1)(#O2#)%
5 years RDS%rate[4].NOMNONRD.Published(5_null_null_Years_T,500.0_-_1.0E9_CAD_Balance,21,1)(#O2#)%

For terms and posted rates†, 3, go to GIC rates.

What you need to know


Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)

Product name

CIBC Non-redeemable GIC



Access to funds

Only at maturity

For GICs with up to 1-year term, interest is paid at maturity. On all other GIC terms, interest is compounded on each anniversary date and paid at maturity.


No fees


You can automatically renew your GIC when it matures or deposit your Principal and interest into your CIBC Investment Account.

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