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Amisha’s story: Natural disaster

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Tips and advice

A mother and her daughter snuggled up by their fireplace


Not overspending during the holidays

Here are some tips to make it through the holiday season without straying from your budget.

Learn moreabout how to enjoy the holidays without ending up with a heap of debt.

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How to build an emergency savings fund

Almost half of Canadians don’t have money set aside for emergencies. Learn how to build an emergency fund.

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Set account alerts

Monitor your accounts by setting up customized alerts.

Learn moreabout setting and managing alerts. Opens a new window in your browser.

A measurement tool


How to check your credit report

Get your credit score instantly for free. 

Learn moreabout checking your credit score for free. Opens a new window in your browser.

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Budgeting for students

Find out how to make a budget to buy the things you need while saving for the future.

Learn moreabout the basics of budgeting. Opens a new window in your browser.

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Prevent late payments on your credit card

Here are some easy ways to avoid getting in credit card debt.

Learn moreabout avoiding late payment fees. Opens a new window in your browser.

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Manage your expenses and savings

Take a minute to use our tool to discover the option that fits your case the most.

Create a monthly budget to manage your expenses. 

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Make it a habit to put a bit of money into a savings account regularly for a rainy day.  

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