Take the first step to get out of debt

We know that dealing with debt can be overwhelming, stressful and maybe even embarrassing. 

But we also know that not everything’s in your control and that financial setbacks can happen for many reasons. We're here to help.

Connect with us early

If you’re having trouble making your payments, getting in touch early can go a long way to prevent your debt from growing.

Build an action plan

We’ll work out a plan by taking into account your circumstances and the products you’re struggling to make payments on.

Take control of your finances with our solutions

We help our clients overcome financial troubles on a daily basis with solutions that fit their needs.

Debt consolidation

Pay with points

Flex Pay

Work with our credit counsellors to improve your situation

Our credit counsellors are here to support you with practical options to help you meet your payment obligations. All you need to do is give us a call.

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Manage your expenses and savings

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Create a monthly budget to manage your expenses. 

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Make it a habit to put a bit of money into a savings account regularly for a rainy day.  

Take a minute to use our tool to discover the option that fits your case the most.


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How to check your credit report

Get your credit score instantly for free. 

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Alex’s story: Job loss

Alex made some mistakes and wound up living out his very own cautionary tale. 

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How to build an emergency savings fund

Almost half of Canadians don’t have money set aside for emergencies. Learn how to build an emergency fund.

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