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Use these tips to build on your financial know-how.
Carissa Lucreziano, Vice President, Financial and Investment Advice Nov 25 2020 7 minute read


If you’re a student or parent of a student

Learn how to make and keep a budget

Understand the ins and outs of credit cards

If you’re well-established in your career

Evaluate the opportunity to invest and save for the future

Start or build your emergency savings fund

Work with your advisor to maximize your investment plan

If you’re retired or nearing retirement

Meet with your advisor and re-evaluate your financial plan regularly

Get the historical facts

Secure your estate plan

If you’re new to Canada

Establish a trusting relationship with an advisor

Learn about income and expenses, and how to track them

Find a place to call home

Financial literacy concepts for everyone

Take charge of your debt

Prepare for future unexpected events

Re-evaluate the goals in your financial plan

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