Investor Profile

Not sure how to invest your money? This investor profile tool will help you determine your investor profile — savings, income, balanced or growth — and the products that may be right for you.


Low Risk

Your goal is to preserve your investment rather than make higher returns.

Medium Risk

You accept some risk and volatility for the opportunity for higher long-term returns.

High Risk

You accept a greater degree of risk and volatility for the opportunity for higher long-term returns.


You are a savings-oriented investor

You are an income-oriented investor

You are a balanced-oriented investor

You are a growth-oriented investor

Your portfolio should focus on savings by holding a mix of GICs, Savings Mutual Funds and Savings Accounts.

Your portfolio should focus on regular income with some growth potential and savings.

Your portfolio should balance investing for income and growth, with potentially some savings.

Your portfolio should focus on growth with some income.

Pie chart 100% savings
Pie chart 65% income, 30% growth and 5% savings
Pie chart 60% income and 40% growth
Pie chart 80% growth and 20% income

Asset Mix

 0%20% - 35%50% - 65%80% - 90% Growth

 0%62% - 75%35% - 50%10% - 20% Income

 100%3% - 5%0%0% Savings

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Portfolio suggestions:

Portfolio managed by professionals:

You are able to manage your savings portfolio on your own. Here are some investment products to consider:

We recommend the following portfolio, which is managed and monitored by professionals and has the right asset mix for your investment needs:

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Portfolio managed by yourself

Build your own portfolio with the following assets:

Growth (0%20% - 35%50% - 65%80% - 90%)

You should consider: Growth Mutual Funds

PLEASE NOTE: This calculator provides general information only; it is not intended to provide specific investment or tax advice. We recommend that you consult a CIBC advisor when planning for your financial goals to obtain specialized advice tailored to your needs. Amounts projected by the calculator are based on the information you enter and a variety of estimates and assumptions. Actual earnings and other factors will vary over time. As a result, CIBC cannot guarantee the results. You should repeat the analysis periodically with updated information and when important changes occur in life circumstances, needs or resources.

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Create an emergency fund
Save to buy a home
Build tax-free savings (TFSA)
Save for retirement (RRSP)
Build retirement income (RRIF)
Save for education (RESP)
Security of investment
High income with some security
Income and long-term growth
High long-term growth
Managed by yourself
Managed by professionals