About CIBC Bank Machines

As a CIBC customer, you have access to one of Canada's largest ATM networks, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also access our network through President's Choice Financial® ATMs without any additional fees. Look for CIBC cash dispensers at Pioneer and Petro Canada gas stations in Ontario.*

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*You can withdraw funds from other bank machines through the Interac®1 network but additional fees may apply.

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Find a bank machine in our network of almost 4,000 locations to meet your everyday banking needs.

Foreign Currency ATMs at Toronto Pearson Airport

  • Exclusive partnership with the Greater Toronto Airports Authority
  • No fees for CIBC and President’s Choice Financial clients
  • Currencies available:
    • British Pounds
    • Euros
    • Mexican Pesos
    • US Dollars

Need help with Bank Machine transactions?
Get instructions for some common transactions.

Bill Payments

Pay registered bills


One-time funds transfer

Balances, Deposits & Withdrawals

Deposit or withdrawal of Canadian funds cash or cheques
Deposit or withdrawal of U.S. funds cash or cheques
Obtain balances
Review transaction history

Security Information

Security guarantee and tips
Select & manage password

New to the CIBC bank machine network?

To start using CIBC bank machines, you'll need a CIBC debit or credit card. If you don't already have one, visit your CIBC branch to get a card and select your Personal Identification Number, or PIN.

CIBC access for all

At CIBC, we are always looking for ways to make banking access easier and more convenient. As a CIBC customer, you can do your banking in English, French and Chinese at any bank machine across Canada.

To assist our customers who require additional mobility, visual display and/or audio options. select bank machines are designed with accessibility in mind.

Certain ATMs allow customers the ability to hear private voice instructions on how to conduct a bank machine transaction using personal headphones. There is no special equipment needed to use the features of the machine other than your own standard-jack headphones.

You can also choose to blank out the screen while using the machine, to ensure that no one can see your transaction information.

Screens also offer high-contrast colours and improved lighting to further assist the elderly and partially sighted.

In addition, these bank machines are set up for easier wheelchair access, with grab bars for persons with mobility impairments. You can use our locator to find an accessible bank machine in our network to meet your everyday banking needs.

Using non-CIBC bank machines

Whether travelling around the corner or around the world, you can use bank machines to withdraw cash from your accounts quickly and easily. In Canada, you can use any machine displaying the INTERAC† logo. When travelling abroad, look for the PLUS* or Visa logo. Bank machines featuring the Visa logo can also be used to get a cash advance from your CIBC Credit Card. Additional fees will apply when using a non-CIBC bank machine.

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