Budgeting and Managing Spend

Budgeting and Managing Spend

Authorized User(s) Spending Limits

Your card comes with a unique Authorized User(s) Spending Limits1 feature – all at no additional cost! You can assign specific Spending Limits for Purchases and Cash2 to any Authorized User(s).


CIBC CreditSmart Personal Budgeting Solutions give you tools and information to make smart credit decisions. It offers you alerts to help you manage spending, tools to help organize your finances, and best-in-class security alerts to protect your credit.

1 The Primary Cardholder may assign and change the Authorized User Spending Limits (or Spending Limits) on the Credit Card Account to any or all Authorized Users by contacting CIBC. The “Card Spending Limits – Cash” is a limit that falls within the “Card Spending Limits – Purchases” and is not additional credit beyond the “Card Spending Limits – Purchases”. The Authorized User Spending Limits that the Primary Cardholder may assign to any one Authorized User at any one time cannot exceed the Credit Limit for the Card. CIBC reserves the right to make adjustments to the Authorized User Spending Limits for any and all Authorized Users at any time following a decrease in the Credit Limit and Cash Limit of the Card. On occasion, certain Card transactions are not processed in real time. In this situation the value of those transactions are not captured in the calculations of the Spending Limit Cash or Spending Limit Purchases. As a result, an authorized user may exceed the Spending Limit Cash or Spending Limit Purchases.

2 “Cash” refers to Cash Advances, Convenience Cheques and Balance Transfers.

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