Within 2 months of your move


Organize your documents
Create a file of important documents like estimates and receipts. Keep it somewhere safe so it doesn't get packed away.


Book your movers
Research movers and truck rental companies. Book in advance so you get a moving truck for the day you need it.


Do some spring cleaning
Clean your current home. Sell or give away unwanted items so you don't move them to your new home.


Collect boxes
Order boxes and stock up on packing supplies. Look for free boxes at your local grocery store or nearby big box store. And ask your real estate agent. Many agents provide packing paper and boxes to their clients.


Pack your bags
Pack items you don’t use regularly. Clearly label or number your boxes, and identify valuable or fragile items.


Forward your mail
Don't worry about missing any mail. Forward it to your new address with the Canada Post mail forwarding serviceCanada Post mail forwarding service. Opens a new window in your browser..


Cancel or move utilities and services
Arrange dates to cancel or move utilities (water, electricity, natural gas) and services (phone, cable, subscriptions) at your current home.


Set up new start dates
Book start dates for utilities and services at your new home.


Share your new address
Provide your new address to your doctor, dentist and any billing companies including credit cards and insurance.


Transfer insurance
Contact your insurance broker to transfer or apply for home insurance.

In the final days before your move


Confirm moving details
Double check your reservations with the movers or trucking company.


Box essential items
Package essential items like toiletries, medication or a change of clothes, so they're handy on moving day.


Prepare furniture
Dismantle beds and other large furniture. Secure and protect your furniture pieces with plastic, bubble wrap, rope, blankets, towels or bungee cords.


Secure valuables
Set aside valuables, such as jewellery and passports, that you want to move yourself.


Give movers directions
Share directions, contact numbers and any specific instructions with your movers.

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