Investment objective

The Portfolio will primarily focus on generating regular income, with a secondary focus on long-term capital growth, by investing in a diverse mix of Canadian and global fixed income and equity mutual funds and exchange-traded funds.

The Portfolio may be suitable for:

  • Investors looking for portfolio diversification within a single mutual fund
  • Those seeking a combination of regular income with a secondary focus long-term on capital growth
  • Those investing for the medium term
  • Investors who can tolerate low investment risk
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Investment strategies

To achieve its investment objectives, the Portfolio will:

  • Invest up to 100% of the Portfolio’s assets in units of the Underlying Funds
  • Allocate the Portfolio’s assets among the Underlying Funds according to the target asset mix for the Portfolio, which may change at our discretion, but are generally expected to be: 
    • Savings 3%
    • Income 62%
    • Growth 35%
  • Monitor and rebalance the Portfolio’s assets to realign the weightings within its target asset mix
  • Monitor and review the Underlying Funds on a periodic basis.


The Portfolio is based on a strategic asset allocation. In implementing this strategy, the Portfolio will invest in a number of Underlying Funds in order to obtain the desired asset allocation. The performance of the Portfolio will be related to the performance of the Underlying Funds held by the Portfolio.

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Distribution Policy

The Portfolio intends to distribute net income quarterly and net realized capital gains annually in December.

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