CIBC Canadian Bond Fund – Class A Units

Investment objective:

To provide a high level of income and some capital growth, while attempting to preserve capital by investing primarily in bonds, debentures and other debt instruments of Canadian governments and corporations.

Rate Information

The Fund may be suitable for:

  • A core part of the Canadian fixed income portion of a diversified investment portfolio
  • Those seeking higher returns and who are willing to accept some additional risk
  • Those wishing to invest for the medium term
  • For those with $50,000 to invest, the CIBC Canadian Bond Fund - Premium Class is available

What are the risks of investing in the Fund?

  • Class risk, concentration risk, currency risk, derivative risk, fixed income risk, foreign market risk, general market risk, large investor risk, legal and regulatory risk, securities lending, repurchase and reverse repurchase agreements risk, and short selling risk
  • Refer to the Simplified Prospectus for more details

* Volatility (low to high): The lower the volatility ranking, the lower the risk of the fund. Funds with a volatility ranking of high are the most risky.

** Other dealers may have different minimum dollar requirements.

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