CIBC Core Plus Fixed Income Pool — ETF Series

  • CPLS



Investment objective

This ETF will focus on generating regular income and modest long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in units of other mutual funds that invest in fixed income securities.

Why consider this ETF?

  • A single core solution consolidating your fixed income investments
  • A broad set of fixed income assets helps to lower volatility, and enhance income and return potential
  • Tactically adjusted based on market environment
  • Multi-asset fixed income exposure providing access to fixed income managers from around the world

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CIBC Fixed Income Pools

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Net Assets  
Closing Market Price  
Closing NAV Price  
12 Month low/high Market Price  
12 Month low/high NAV Price  
Market Volume  
Units Outstanding  
Inception Date 10/29/2020  
Risk Tolerance Low 
Base Currency CAD 
Exchange Toronto Stock Exchange 
Index FTSE Canada Universe Bond Index 
CUSIP 12547X102 
Management Fee 0.30% 
Annual Fixed Administration Fee 0.05% 
Management Expense Ratio (MER) 0.47%
Eligible for Registered Plans Yes 
Average Credit Quality  
Average Coupon  
Average Yield to Maturity  
Distribution Yield  
Distribution Frequency Monthly 

Asset Allocation

        Note: Only top 10 allocations are shown. Charts may not add up to 100% due to rounding or use of derivatives in the fund.

        Historical Distributions