The many benefits of travel credit cards

A credit card can help make any trip more enjoyable and hassle-free both while you’re on vacation and when you’re booking your trip. By taking advantage of points, benefits and safety precautions, a travel reward credit card can also earn you great perks like airline tickets, reduced bills for hotel stays, money toward vacation packages and more.

Travel credit card safety tips:

  1. Take a back up credit card. That way you have one card for daily use and another for emergencies. Leave all other credit cards and unnecessary wallet items at home. This way, you can continue to earn points and perks without risking the loss of other credit cards.

  2. Contact your credit card company before leaving. Let them know where you will be travelling and the duration of your trip so they know to expect charges in unusual areas.

  3. Keep your travel credit cards in separate, secure places. To avoid the possibility of both cards being stolen, store the emergency card in a hotel safe and the other securely on your person.

  4. Get a Chip Credit Card and (where available) approve purchases with a PIN number. A PIN number will protect your travel reward credit card from unauthorized purchases better than your signature.

Travel reward credit card benefits

  1. Earn points for everyday purchases. The points you earn with your travel credit card can be redeemed for hotel reservations, rental cars, airplane tickets and other merchandise.

  2. Plan trips with a personal travel agent. Some travel rewards credit card companies will put you in contact with a travel agency to help you plan your itinerary.

  3. Manage finances with exclusive online tools. Credit card companies may give you access to online tools to help you better manage your finances so you can budget for more vacations.

Explore travel credit cards available with CIBC

To find the credit card that’s right for you, use our credit card selector tool. For more information on travel reward credit cards, call a CIBC representative at 1-800-465-4653.

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