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Before you take off

Percy Penguin picks up foreign cash at the airport

CIBC Foreign Cash Online™

Get foreign cash — delivered . Place an order online. Pick it up at a branch, at the Toronto Pearson airport or have it delivered to your home anywhere in Canada1. Up to 75 foreign currencies offered.

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Percy Penguin picks up foreign cash at the airport

CIBC Smart™ Prepaid Travel Visa* Card

Avoid foreign exchange surprises. Pick a currency, load the card and go. Available in U.S. dollars, euros, British pounds or Mexican pesos.

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CIBC ATM dispensing U.S. dollars

CIBC US$ and multi-currency ATMs

Need travel cash before you fly? We have Canada’s  largest network of U.S. dollar ATMs, plus multi-currency ATMs at Toronto Pearson airport.

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CIBC travel rewards credit cards

Travel Reward Card Concierge Service

Many of our premium cards offer concierge services to book flights and hotels, make dinner reservations, and even set up sightseeing tours.

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CIBC Travel Insurance

Stay protected when you’re out of your province or country with CIBC Travel Insurance2.

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Getting there

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Airport lounge access

CIBC credit and debit cardholders get up to 25% off the use of Plaza Premium Lounges in Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto airports; and additional deals with Toronto Pearson Meet and Greet Concierge Service.3

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Union Pearson Express

Save 20% off at the CIBC UPstairs Lounge at Union Station. Enjoy free wifi as UP Express speeds you between Union and Toronto Pearson airport in just 25 minutes. And, pick up foreign cash at our multi-currency ATMs.

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Toronto Pearson Airport

Bank before you fly. Do all your banking at one of our full-service airport branches or multi-currency ATMs. We are open at Toronto Pearson 365 days a year, from early until late.

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Payment at a store checkout using a CIBC Advantage Debit Card

CIBC Advantage Debit Card®

The CIBC Advantage Debit Card is accepted at stores in the U.S., using the Visa and Interlink networks, and around the world where Visa cards4 are accepted.

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CIBC Global Money Transfer™

Travelling to more than one location? CIBC Global Money Transfers are a quick and convenient way to send money online or through a branch to countries worldwide, with no fees5. Choose from 20+ foreign currencies. Send money to almost 40 countries.

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Credit Cards

To report a lost or stolen credit card: 

Toll-free (within Canada and the U.S.): 1-800-663-4575

Elsewhere: 1-514-861 9898


Telephone banking within Canada and the U.S.:Toll-free English: 1-800-465-2422 or toll-free French: 1-888-337-2422 

International calling:1-888-872-2422 followed by 1 in select countries outside Canada and the U.S. 

To use this number, dial the international calling code, then the number, followed by 1 (e.g., 001 then 888-872-2422 + 1)