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Not sure if you are saving enough for your retirement? The CIBC Retirement Calculator will help you find out if your current and planned RRSP contributions, as well as any other pension income you receive, will meet your retirement income goals.

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Investment Profile


Low Risk

Your goal is to preserve your investment rather than make higher returns.

Medium Risk

You accept some risk and volatility for the opportunity for higher long-term returns.

High Risk

You accept a greater degree of risk and volatility for the opportunity for higher long-term returns.


You will need to save $0 for your retirement according to our Retirement Calculator

To make up for the shortfall you can make monthly RRSP or other savings contributions of

To retire when you want, you would need to increase your monthly RRSP contributions and other savings to

To retire when you want, you would need to increase your monthly savings to


Congratulations. You are on track to reach your retirement savings goal.

Congratulations. You have enough sources of income in retirement that you do not need to save more in an RRSP.

Consider the following options for your RRSP savings:

Talk to a CIBC Advisor to put a plan in place to meet your retirement goals. Call 1-866-525-8622 to request an appointment.

Want to take advantage of unused contribution room? Consider an RRSP Maximizer Loan.

Consider the following options to increase your RRSP savings:

If you’ve maximized your RRSP contributions, you can also save outside your RRSP:

Consider saving more to increase your income in retirement:

Review your savings plans for all your needs.

Savings Goal

Income Goal

Projected Savings

Projected Income






$0 will yield an annual income of $0 over x years.

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$0 will yield an annual income of $0 over x years.

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Regularly investing even small amounts is a great start.

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PLEASE NOTE: This calculator provides general information only; it does not provide specific tax or retirement planning advice. We recommend that you consult a CIBC advisor when planning for your financial goals. Amounts projected by the calculator are based on the information you enter and a variety of estimates and assumptions. Along with other assumptions, the calculator assumes that any RRSP contribution amount you enter (or that the calculator recommends) is within your RRSP contribution limit. “Retirement income” refers to gross income before taxes. The calculator estimates gross retirement income before taxes. RRSP amounts are subject to tax when withdrawn. Actual earnings and other factors will vary over time. As a result, CIBC cannot guarantee the results. You should repeat the analysis periodically with updated information and when important changes occur in life circumstances, needs or resources.

1 This is a combined bonus and regular annual interest rate paid on net new deposits made to a CIBC RRSP Daily Interest Savings Account. Bonus and/or regular rates may change at any time without notice. All interest rates are calculated daily and paid monthly. Bonus interest is earned until March 31, 2018 and only on days when net new deposits exceed the closing balance as of October 16, 2017. Other conditions apply. For more information, review the Terms and conditions (PDF, 147 KB).