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Understanding where you’re spending your money has never been easier. Now you can track your monthly and year-to-date spending in categories and access a more detailed view of your credit card activity.

Enhanced Monthly Statement

Understanding exactly where you spend your money is easy

You’ll be able to see, at a glance, where you’re spending your money — both on a monthly and year-to-date basis — by automatically tracking your spending in 10 common spend categories such as “Retail and Grocery,” “Transportation,” and “Restaurants”.

Spend Report

Organized information at your fingertips

The online spend report provides you with all of the info you need to track and manage your spending. With the CIBC CreditSmart report, you can access your daily transaction information, set budgets for each of the 10 spend categories, and compare your spending from month-to-month.

Spend Alerts

Monthly budgeting made simple

Once you’ve used your CIBC CreditSmart Spend Report online to set up monthly budgets, you can choose to be notified with CIBC CreditSmart Spend Alerts when your spending exceeds your budget. You can also choose to have an alert sent to you when you’re approaching your credit limit, which can help avoid fees or inconvenience.† You can even let us know how you would like to be notified — by e-mail, phone or through your Online Banking Message Centre.

Personal Spend Manager

Track your credit card spending in customized categories that are personal to you

With the CIBC CreditSmart Personal Spend Manager available through CIBC Online Banking — you can create and manage your own personal spending categories (such as “Wedding”, “Basement Renovation”, or “Business Expenses”). Once your categories are created, it’s easy to track and manage your personal budgets. Simply assign transactions to categories as you see fit, and print a personalized summary report.

† Transactions must first be posted to your account before they can trigger a spend alert. It may then take up to 24 hours after a triggering transaction is posted for an alert to be sent. On select CIBC cards, an overlimit fee is charged if the account balance is over its credit limit on the date the statement is prepared.

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