Thinking about changing your mortgage payments?

What are mortgage prepayment charges?
Before you make an extra mortgage payment, learn about prepayment options and charges.

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How to pay off your mortgage faster
There are several ways you can pay off your mortgage sooner, including taking advantage of prepayment privileges and making annual lump-sum payments.

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The benefits of flexible mortgage payments
Discover simple payment changes that can make it easier to pay off your mortgage.

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Mortgage payment calculator

Find out how changing your payment frequency and making prepayments can save you money.

Mortgage prepayment charge calculator

Discover what it may cost to pay all or part of your closed mortgage before the maturity date.

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Prepare for interest-rate changes

Discover the options available to help you make informed financial decisions in a rising rate environment.

Learn more about preparing for interest-rate changes.

Questions you can ask our mortgage experts

Here are some common questions our clients ask us:
  • Can I have a summary of what my mortgage principal looks like today?
  • Which account does my mortgage payment come out of?
  • How much of my payment is going toward principal versus interest?
  • What is my mortgage maturity date or renewal date?
  • What are the differences between a fixed and variable rate mortgage? What are the pros and cons of each?
  • What happens when my mortgage is up for renewal? How should I be preparing?

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