CIBC Global Growth ETF

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Investment objective

CIBC Global Growth ETF seeks to generate long-term capital growth by investing in a diversified portfolio consisting primarily of equity securities of companies located anywhere in the world. Exposure to these types of securities will be obtained by investing primarily in Renaissance Global Growth Fund (or its successor fund), and/or by investing directly in the securities.

Why consider this ETF?

  • Opportunity for enhanced diversification through access to the world's best companies that offer attractive valuations and prospects for growth
  • Invest without bias among regions, countries and sectors
  • Benefit from an active portfolio management team experienced in navigating market cycles

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This ETF invests primarily in the Renaissance Global Growth Fund1. Learn more about the Renaissance Global Growth Fund Opens in a new window..

Net Assets  
Closing Market Price  
Closing NAV Price  
12 Month low/high Market Price  
12 Month low/high NAV Price  
Market Volume  
Units Outstanding  
Inception Date 07/27/2020 
Risk Tolerance Medium 
Base Currency CAD 
Exchange Toronto Stock Exchange 
Index MSCI World Index 
CUSIP 12547N104 
Management Fee 0.80% 
Management Expense Ratio (MER) 0.89%
Rebalance Frequency N/A 
Eligible for Registered Plans Yes 
Dividend Yield  
Average Price to Book Value  
Average Price to Earnings  
Distribution Yield  
Distribution Frequency Annually 

Asset Allocation

        Note: Only top 10 allocations are shown. Charts may not add up to 100% due to rounding or use of derivatives in the fund.

        The information displayed represents the Renaissance Global Growth Fund (Class O) in which the ETF primarily invests.

        Historical Distributions