CIBC Qx Canadian Low Volatility Dividend ETF

  • CQLC



Investment objective

This ETF seeks current income and long-term capital growth by investing primarily in Canadian equity securities that are expected to provide regular income from dividends, while seeking to reduce volatility.

Why consider this ETF?

  • Invest in Canadian equities that pay a dividend while mitigating the impact of market volatility
  • Enjoy a steady stream of regular income
  • Benefit from an investment management approach that is grounded in data science with systemic rebalancing, ensuring that manager bias does not impact portfolios

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Net Assets  
Closing Market Price  
Closing NAV Price  
12 Month low/high Market Price  
12 Month low/high NAV Price  
Market Volume  
Units Outstanding  
Inception Date 11/16/2021 
Risk Tolerance Medium 
Base Currency CAD 
Exchange NEO Exchange 
Index S&P/TSX Composite Dividend Index 
CUSIP 12546M107 
Management Fee 0.30% 
Management Expense Ratio (MER) 0.34%
Eligible for Registered Plans Yes 
Dividend Yield  
Average Price to Book Value  
Average Price to Earnings  
Distribution Yield  
Distribution Frequency Monthly 

Asset Allocation

        Note: Only top 10 allocations are shown. Charts may not add up to 100% due to rounding or use of derivatives in the fund.

        Historical Distributions