Tips for Home Maintenance this Fall

The nights have been cooling off and the first day of Fall is fast approaching. Every year around this time, in order to avoid possible costly repairs later, I find it helpful to follow a maintenance check to ensure that I'm ready for the upcoming fall and winter season.

Here are 3 helpful tips to follow through with now in order to help save you money in the long run:

  1. Examine your roof and gutters for debris: Take a look up on your rooftop. Clear leaves, dirt, and pine needles from gutters and examine downspouts for damage or loose pieces. Check any opening on your roof (eg., skylights), as well as, the flashing around your chimney for possible leaks.

  2. Change the filters: It is best to change the filters of your furnace regularly, and now is a good time as you switch from AC to forced air heat. Also, try running the heat on your furnace now to ensure it is good and running before a cold snap hits. This also gives you the opportunity to run the heat with the windows and doors open to clear out the burnt smell it may give off for a few minutes on its first use of the season. If you have a window air conditioning unit, remove from the window or place a waterproof cover over it to prevent damage. Other places to change your air filters are in stove vents, clothes dryers and room fans if applicable. Clean air filters will help to keep your family healthier in the fall months.

  3. Inspect windows and doors for drafts: A lot of energy is wasted when trying to heat or cool a home that has drafts coming from windows and doors in the home. I suggest going through your home and checking windows to ensure the seal and caulking around them is in good condition. If you don't have the funds right now to fix the drafts, a short-term thought is to add heavy drapery around drafty windows to help block some air infiltration.