How the CIBC Digital Vault works

With the new and secure CIBC Digital Vault, you can now access your CIBC financial documents any time, anywhere.
Now you can read, download and print PDF files from your computer, laptop, and smartphone.
Any documents you’ve digitally signed for your CIBC Everyday® Banking products will be available in your Digital Vault for as long as you have the product.
You can create or edit notes attached to your documents for easy reference.
Happy person checks their digital vault on a laptop

To access your digital vault documents: 

  1. Sign on to CIBC Online or Mobile Banking. 
  2. Select “Customer Services” in Online or Mobile Banking. 
  3. Select “Digital Vault Documents.”
    Note: If you’ve not signed up for a product with a digital signature, or if the documents aren’t ready, you’ll get a message saying that there are no documents to display.
  4. Inside your Digital Vault, you’ll be able to access your documents. The documents are separated into folders including Deposit Accounts, Lending and CIBC Brochures. You’ll be able to add notes for each of the documents in your Digital Vault.
  5. When you’re finished writing the note, select “Save Note.”