Take charge of your financial well-being

The majority of Canadian women investors are either the primary or joint financial decision-makers in their households, yet only half feel confident or knowledgeable about their investing abilities1.

We want you to be an informed and inspired investor. Our expert tips and insights below can guide you through key financial topics — from saving and investing to retirement and estate planning — to help you feel more confident in making financial decisions for yourself and your family.


Her investments

Whether you’re saving for a home, your child’s education or retirement, learn how investing can help you reach your financial goals.

Her life, relationships and wellness

Life can be full of unexpected surprises that can impact your financial well-being and future goals. Don’t get caught off guard — learn how to navigate through tough situations, necessary conversations and be financially prepared.

Her retirement

Canadian women on average live 5.6 years longer than men.2 Yet, according to a CIBC studyOpens a new window in your browser., fewer women than men have a formal retirement plan. Learn about retirement planning challenges unique to women, and how you can overcome these to bring your retirement vision to life.

Her family and legacy

One in 3 women say that they’ve reduced or stopped saving because of childcare or eldercare responsibilities, according to a CIBC studyOpens a new window in your browser.. Women have overscheduled and overburdened lives, which often prevent them from taking charge of their financial future. Learn how to prioritize your needs and have deeper conversations with loved ones about your values, caregiving responsibilities and the future well-being of your family.

Video: How can women prepare for their financial future when faced with caregiving responsibilities? (3:11)

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Video: How to have “the other talk”. 3:08.

Video: How to have the ‘other talk’ with your loved ones about your legacy plans (3:08)


Her budget

Understanding how to manage your money can significantly affect the quality of your life and ability to reach your goals. A small change in how you spend and save can make a big difference in your financial future. Get expert tips about financial decision-making, the importance of budgeting and how to get started.

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Video: Expert advice on how to find balance in life (2:19)

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Video: Expert tips on how cash flow planning can help you make better decisions and save for your goals (2:29)

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