Growing Your Wealth: Advice on growing your wealth from CIBC

Growing Your Wealth

Learn more about how to grow your wealth to ensure a comfortable lifestyle now and for years to come.




A Comprehensive Plan Starts with Comprehensive Information

Having multiple accounts and products spread across various providers can make it difficult to get a holistic view of how well your portfolio is working.

Learn more: having a comprehensive plan

Your Investor Profile

Understanding yourself as an investor is one of the key considerations in creating an effective portfolio.

Learn more: Your investor profile

Where Can You Find More Money to Invest?

Would you like to save more money every year? Here are some tips that really work.

Learn more: Where Can You Find More Money to Invest?

A Primer to Market Downturns

Learn about the different types of market downturns, and how to weather a fluctuating stock market.

Learn more: a primer to market downturns

How Compounding Grows Your Wealth

When you start saving early and regularly, compounding can make your retirement savings grow.

Learn more: how compounding grows your wealth

Bond Basics

Learn about types of bonds, how they work, and how you can make them work for you.

Learn more: bond basics

Diversity: Three Types of Mutual Funds

Understanding the three types of mutual funds and how to balance them can help you build a secure investment portfolio.

Learn more: Diversity - Three Types of Mutual Funds

How Interest Rates Affect Your Investments

Understand the relationship between interest rates and inflation to take advantage of their effect on your investments.

Learn more: How Interest Rates Affect Your Investments

Diversify Your Portfolio to Protect Against Market Volatility

When markets are volatile, investors flock to the perceived security of short term investments.

Learn more: Diversify your portfolio to protect against market volatility

Diversify Your Fixed Income Investments

Your Financial Services Specialist can recommend fixed-income investments that are right for your portfolio.

Learn more: Diversify your fixed income investments

A Perfect Investment Portfolio

Want to retire to a nest egg that gives you the growth you need while protecting you from crashes? Here's how to do it.

Learn more: A Perfect Investment Portfolio

Too Much Diversification Can Hurt You

Find out how to guard against over-diversifying your assets.

Learn more: how too much diversification can hurt you

Asset Allocation Helps Manage Risk

Manage your risk by spreading your investments among different asset classes.

Learn more: asset allocation helps manage risk

Managing Investment Risks

Market risk is only one hazard to guard your investments against. Learn about other investment risks and how to manage them.

Learn more: managing investment risks

Turbocharge Your Portfolio

To help grow your investments, you may want to borrow to increase your RRSP contributions.

Learn more: turbocharging your portfolio

How Leverage Can Help You Build Wealth

Learn how borrowing can help boost your return on assets.

Learn more: leverage to build your wealth

Match Your Investments to Your Goals

Find an investment strategy that fits your personality and financial goals.

Learn more: matching your investments to your goals

Age-Appropriate Investing

When saving for retirement, your investment strategy will likely change as you get older.

Learn more: Age-appropriate investing

Shielding Your Investments from Inflation

Learn how inflation affects your portfolio, and how you can protect your investments.

Learn more: Shielding Your Investments from Inflation

Tips for Managing Your Investments

Six tips to help you keep your financial strategy on course.

Learn more: Tips for Managing Your Investments

Asset Allocation Strategies

Your asset allocation strategy should suit your financial situation and your personality.

Learn more: Asset Allocation Strategies

The Power of Two

Why working with a financial advisor is a good strategy to help you meet your unique needs.

Learn more: The power of two

A Financial Plan That Does it All

Your financial plan should cover more than just your investments. It should also include advice on retirement, taxes, insurance, cash flow and debt management.

Learn more: A Financial Plan That Does it All

Calculating Your Net Worth

Estimate your net worth to help plan for your retirement.

Learn more: calculating your net worth

Life Stage Investing: Young Professional

Young professionals can benefit from a variety of strategies to set short- and long-term financial goals.

Learn more: life stage investing for a young professional

How Your Advisor Helps

Learn about the ways that a financial advisor can help you meet your financial goals.

Learn more: How your advisor helps

Life-Stage Investing: New Couple

A financial advisor helps a new couple with a plan to meet their financial goals.

Learn more: Life Stage Investing Young Couple

Client Stories

In your 30s

Paul, 31, and Andrea, 29, just got married and are working hard to build their savings while paying down credit card debt and the mortgage on their new home.”

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In Your 40s and 50s

Xue, 52, and Mei-Lien, 48, are part of the sandwich generation, balancing a variety of financial objectives. They are saving for their children’s post-secondary education and preparing for the potential costs of long-term care for their aging parents. At the same time, they want to make sure their plans to retire at age 60 stay on track.”

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In Your 60s and Beyond

Andrew, 64, and Jennifer, 63, are about to retire, which means they’re poised to shift their focus from accumulating assets to generating retirement income.”

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