Borrowing Money

Borrowing Money

Understanding how to borrow smartly and manage credit wisely can help you achieve what’s important to you.




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Know the Score

A bad credit rating can hang over your head for up to 10 years.

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How to Check Your Credit Report

If you have ever been approved for a loan, a line of credit, or a credit card, you will have a credit report on file with a credit bureau.

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Check Your Credit History

A credit rating is a measure of how dependable you are when it comes to repaying your debts.

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Scoring High with Credit

If you have a credit card or a student loan, you have started to build a credit rating.

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How to Boost Your Credit Rating

5 ways to keep your credit score high—and your loan costs low

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A Guide to Student Loans

With tuitions on the rise, financial help is a reality for most students.

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Improve Your Home with a Renovation Loan

Renovations not only breathe new life into your home, they may also increase the resale value of the home.

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Advantages of a Student Line of Credit

If you’re preparing for a child’s post-secondary education, you’ve probably realized that you may need a loan to cover the associated costs.

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Understanding Student Loan Consolidation

Following graduation from college or university, you may be one of the thousands of students facing loan repayment.

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How to Get the Best Return on Your Home Renovations

Certain home renovations may increase the value of your home more than others.

Learn more: How to get the best return on your home renovations

The Basics of Student Loans

Understand the options available for financial help with post-secondary education expenses.

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An Overview of the Student Loan Process for Parents

While your child is eligible to apply for student loans, grants, scholarships and more, he or she may still need your help with rising tuition costs.

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Benefits of a Student Line of Credit

A student line of credit can help you build your credit rating.

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What is Credit?

Credit is a deferred payment arrangement between a borrower and a lender that allows access to funds for repayment at a later date.

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The Basics of Loans

A loan lessens the burden of paying cash outright for major purchases, and allows you to spread the cost out over time.

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Comparing Personal Loans and Lines of Credit

There are a number of reasons why you may need to borrow money, and it’s important to find the right borrowing option for your situation.

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Common Reasons to Take Out a Short Term Loan

There are a multitude of reasons you may want or need to take out a short-term loan.

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Understanding Fundamental Loan Differences

There are several options to consider depending on your borrowing needs.

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Secured vs Unsecured Loans

Understand the difference between secured and unsecured loans and lines of credit.

Learn more: Secured vs. unsecured loans

Home Equity Line of Credit Explained

As you pay off your home, your equity grows, providing you with increased borrowing opportunities.

Learn more: Home equity line of credit explained

What Does it Mean to Co-Sign a Loan?

When you co-sign a loan, you promise to pay off the loan in the event the primary borrower is unable to pay off the loan.

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Planning Ahead

You can lower your borrowing costs by anticipating large expenditures

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Give Yourself Some Credit

Choose the right credit card to help maintain positive cash flow.

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