CIBC eDeposit™

CIBC eDeposit™ business solutions help you save time and improve cash flow by allowing you to securely deposit your cheques and cash into your account from the convenience of your office, store, or remote business location.


Using the CIBC Mobile Banking App loaded onto a smartphone or web-enabled mobile device, businesses can deposit cheques from anywhere, anytime, merely by taking a photo of the front and back of the endorsed cheque. One cheque can be deposited per transaction. This solution is ideal for businesses with low cheque volume or infrequent cheque deposits.

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CIBC eDeposit for cheques

Businesses with more frequent or larger volume cheque deposits can use the CIBC eDeposit™ for cheques online service to quickly scan, upload and deposit multiple cheques in a single transaction, using a desktop cheque scanner and CIBC's online application. Text recognition technology reads your cheque images and pre-populates deposit information, saving you time preparing your deposits.

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CIBC eDeposit for cash

CIBC eDeposit for cash, combined with a Brink's CompuSafe delivers an innovative cash management solution that enables high cash volume businesses to improve cash handling, reduce operating costs and improve cash flow by electronically depositing your cash into your CIBC business account.

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CIBC eDeposit™ for cheques

CIBC eDeposit™ for cash