CIBC Business Line of Credit

A CIBC Business Line of Credit is designed to meet your business' short-term financing needs of $10,0001 or more and provide your business with funds for its day-to-day operations.

A Line of Credit is a variable-rate operating line of credit. It provides a credit facility on your CIBC Business Operating Account™ up to a pre-approved limit. Interest rates are based on Prime.

Key benefits

Makes you money

  • Lets you take advantage of special opportunities, such as trade discounts or stocking up on inventory

Quick Approval

  • Once we receive your completed application and supporting documentation, you'll usually get a credit decision by the next business day.2

Saves you time

  • You don't have to contact your bank every time you need the funds and can spend less time monitoring your daily cash flow.


  • Once the line of credit is approved and set up on your business operating account, funds are available immediately for withdrawal or transfer. You can access whatever amount you require as often as you need to (within the approved limit) and can pay back as much or as often as you wish.

Flexible Options

  • Choose a secured or unsecured variable-rate option, with funds in either Canadian or U.S. dollars.3 You can also combine your line of credit with a variable-rate or fixed rate loan to get the right lending package for your needs.

Is it for you?

CIBC Business Line of Credit could be for you if you:

  • Offer credit terms to your customers
  • Need assistance in meeting your day-to-day operating expenses or to support seasonal fluctuations in cash flow
  • Need quick, ongoing access to cash for unexpected business expenses
  • Are expanding your business and may need to meet occasional gaps in cash flow
  • Want to have cash on hand to take advantage of special time-limited opportunities
  • Want to pay interest only on the funds that you borrow

Information you need to know

  • Variable rate of interest is based on Prime and fluctuates as Prime changes
  • Available in Canadian and U.S. funds
  • A monthly administration fee applies based on the line of credit limit
  • Setup and Review fees may apply based on the total credit limit

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