Fees and rates

Annual fee

Each additional card (up to 9): $0

Interest rate

As low as CIBC Prime +RDS%rate[2].VBBIZ.Published(null,null,22,null)(#R#)% for purchases1

As low as CIBC Prime + RDS%rate[2].VBBIZ.Published(null,null,22,null)(#R#)% for cash1

Credit limit

Up to $50,0001 

Minimum annual income

$35,000 individual

More to love about this card

A cheque is ready to be cashed
Pay how you want
Easy and convenient access to cash and credit2
Grocery retailer looks at his produce
Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses
Ideal for businesses with annual revenues between $35,000 and $5 million 3
Person uses CIBC Online Banking on tablet
Manage your account
Benefit from CIBC CreditSmart ® to help you manage, track and organize your credit card activity

Protecting your card

Visa’s Zero Liability Policy

Fraud alerts

Valuable insurance included with your card

$100,000 Common Carrier Accident Insurance 4