Employee loyalty is essential in today's labour market. By setting up a CIBC Group RRSP program, you can give your staff a valuable and desirable benefit, and enhance your reputation as a leading, progressive employer.

No charges for setup or maintenance

The CIBC Group RRSP is structured so that you incur no charges for the setup or the ongoing operation of the plan. Also, you are not obligated to fund the plan - unlike pension plans, which are governed by pension legislation.


You can support your organizational goals and employee incentive philosophy through the plan. For example, both the employer and employees can make contributions.

Time savings

You won't have to answer questions from your employees about their CIBC Group RRSPs - that's our job. We provide Group RRSP Customer Service Representatives who can deal with all employee inquiries and transactions.

Easy administration

With our record-keeping system and expert administrative staff, there will be minimal duties on your part. Other than remitting and tracking payroll contributions on a regular basis, we do most of the paperwork for you.

Employee benefits

A CIBC Group RRSP helps employees prepare for their future financial security by providing:

  • access to wide variety of investment options
  • knowledgeable investment advice
  • low minimum contribution levels
  • simple regular payroll deduction
  • the ability for employees to transfer or take the plan with them should their employment situation change

Getting started

For more information, or to set up your new CIBC Group RRSP, contact your CIBC advisor or call 1-800-465-3863 today!