Buy equipment, invest in property or finance other long-term business goals

Maintain working capital

Use your loan for large expenses, so you can keep your everyday cash in the bank. Plus, finance up to 100% of your asset acquisition costs.

Select flexible repayment terms

Ask for a longer or shorter repayment term. We'll work with you to tailor the principal repayment schedule to meet your cash flow.1

Enjoy competitive interest rates

Choose a fixed interest rate loan if you want to pay the same rate for the entire term. Choose a variable interest rate loan if you want a rate that changes with the market; if rates go down, more of your payment goes towards the principal.

Business loans at a glance

Meet these requirements and improve your chances of getting approved:

  • You have industry experience
  • You have personal financial investments in your company
  • Your business generates positive revenue, meaning your inflows exceed your outflows, for at least 12 to 24 months
  • You have a good credit score
  • You have a detailed business plan

Ready to get a business loan? We'll guide you through the process

If you're ready to borrow funds, book a meeting with one of our expert advisors. Choose a date, time and CIBC Banking Centre that works for you.

Meet with an advisor in person, and answer questions about your business and its financial performance. You'll need to bring a few documents to your appointment. Learn about the documents to support your credit application. Opens a popup.

We'll verify your information and review your credit profile. If your application meets our borrowing criteria, you'll get approved for a specific amount with a specific interest rate and repayment term.

After you accept your offer and sign a few documents, you can start using your money directly from your business bank account. Get funds in as little as 2 days — for most applications.5

For full details on what to bring to your meeting, review the business credit application document checklist (PDF, 160 KB) Opens in a new window..

More great features

To save on interest, make lump-sum payments on your variable interest rate loan without prepayment charges.
Pay back your fixed interest rate loan with either blended monthly payments of principal and interest, or principal plus interest with principal payable monthly or quarterly.
Automate your payments with pre-authorized payments from your business account.
Get a combination of borrowing products, such as a line of credit or overdraft protection, for more flexibility.

Your business loan questions answered

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