Fee summary




Interest rate

Rates differ from borrower to borrower. Before approving you for an interest rate, we review certain criteria. These include your credit score, detailed business plan, personal investments in your business and overall financial health.

Example, for illustrative purposes:

Sally, an established retailer, needs a $15,000 line of credit to cover operating expenses. But she can't provide collateral to secure a line of credit. Sally has more than 2 years of retail operations experience and has maintained a good credit score for more than 5 years. Her company has also maintained an excellent credit score for more than 2 years. Sally holds a $5,000 credit card, a $10,000 unsecured loan, and pays $1,500 a month towards a mortgage. Considering her operating costs, assets, debts and other expenses, along with her excellent credit rating, she would qualify for an interest rate of Prime + 4.25%.


You're only required to make the minimum interest payment each month.