CIBC Electronic Funds Transfer - Pre-Authorized Payment

An easy and cost-effective way to collect regular and recurring payments from your customers anywhere in Canada

CIBC Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP) is an electronic payment service that provides your business with a predictable and cost-effective way to collect Canadian and U.S. dollar payments from your customers' accounts and avoid the costs associated with receiving cheques and preparing bank deposits.

Submit your electronic payment files online and your payments will be processed automatically, ensuring you get paid on time, every time.

Gain better control of your cash flow

  • Get paid on time by future-dating your collections
  • Eliminate potential delays in receiving payments through regular mail
  • Shorten the average collection period for non-sufficient funds (NSF)/funds not cleared (FNC) payments with PAP Representment option

Save time and money

  • Reduce administrative costs resulting from opening mail, sorting payments and preparing deposits

Improve your customer service

  • Offer convenience and a cost-effective payment method to your customers
  • Give your customers peace of mind that their payments will always be on time
  • Reduce your customers' costs and time as there is no need for them to buy cheques, envelopes and/or postage