CIBC Government Payment and Filing Service

A faster, easier way to file information and pay government taxes online

CIBC's Government Payment and Filing Service provides businesses with a simpler and faster way to pay and file business taxes online. Easily pay your federal and provincial taxes at your convenience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and save time by eliminating the need to complete paper forms. With online filing, you may also experience a faster turnaround time for refunds, helping you improve cash flow.

View a complete listing of available provincial and federal recipients.

Gain better control of your cash flow

  • Time your payments to the due date for accurate cash flow forecasting
  • Better manage your cash flow with the flexibility to choose which CIBC bank account(s) your payments are withdrawn from
  • Future date your payments for up to one year in advance of the due date so you never miss a payment

Make filing more convenient

  • No need to write cheques or visit a banking centre to make payments
  • Avoid late payment charges due to mail delays by remitting tax payments electronically

Know your information is secure

  • Enjoy the confidence of knowing that transmission of your information is secure through password protection, 128-bit encryption and firewalls

Run your business your way

CIBC Cash Management Solutions can help you take better control of your banking needs, giving you more time to focus on what matters to your business. Get started today: