Available Government Recipients:


Federal - Air Traveller's Security Charge (ATSC)
Federal - Corporation Tax Payments
Federal - Excise Duty
Federal - Excise Tax
Federal - GST/HST Return
Federal - GST/HST Payment
Federal - Non-Resident Withholding Tax – Part XIII
Federal - Personal Tax Instalments
Federal - Softwood Lumber Products Export Charge
Federal - Tax on Insurance Premiums
Federal Payroll Deductions – Arrears
Federal Payroll Deductions - Regular/Quarterly
Federal Payroll Deductions - Threshold 1
Federal Payroll Deductions - Threshold 2
Federal - Garnishee of Individual
Federal - Garnishee of RC Account
Federal - Garnishee of RP Account
Federal - Garnishee of RT Account (GST and HST)
Federal - Payroll Deductions and Payment on Filing

Provincial - Alberta

Alberta Finance - 911 Levy
Alberta Finance - Carbon Levy
Alberta Finance - Carbon Levy Inventory Decl.
Alberta Finance - Corporate Income Tax
Alberta Finance - Fuel Tax - Railway Companies
Alberta Finance - Fuel Tax Collectors
Alberta Finance - Health Costs Recovery
Alberta Finance - Insurance Corporations Tax
Alberta Finance - International Fuel Tax (IFTA)
Alberta Finance - Propane Tax Collectors
Alberta Finance - Tobacco Tax
Alberta Finance - Tourism Levy
Alberta Finance - Unclaimed Property Program

Provincial - British Colombia

British Columbia Provincial Sales Tax

Provincial - Nova Scotia

WCB of Nova Scotia Premium

Provincial - Ontario

Family Responsibility Office - Ontario Payment
Ontario Corporation Tax
Ontario Employer Health Tax
Ontario Retail Sales Tax-Payment only

Provincial - Prince Edward Island

PEI - 911 Cost Recovery Fee Return
PEI - Financial Corporation Capital Tax Annual
PEI - Financial Corporation Capital Tax Monthly
PEI - Fuel Tax Return
PEI - GeoLinc Plus Payment Remittance
PEI - Property Tax Payment Remittance
PEI - Vendor Return - Environment Tax
PEI - Vendor Return - Revenue Tax (PST)
PEI - Wholesale Tobacco Vendors Return

Provincial - Quebec

Quebec - CSST Payment
Quebec 20 character Payment Code
Quebec Collection of Support Payments
Quebec Combined GST + QST Instalment
Quebec Combined GST + QST Remittance
Quebec Corporate Remittance Income Tax
Quebec GST Instalment
Quebec GST/HST Remittance
Quebec Payroll Source Deduction - Quarterly
Quebec Payroll Source Deductions - Monthly
Quebec Payroll Source Deductions - Twice Monthly
Quebec Payroll Source Deductions - Weekly
Quebec Personal Instalment Remittance
Quebec QST Instalment
Quebec QST Remittance
Quebec Specific Duty on New Tires
Quebec Tax on Insurance Premiums

Provincial - Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Corporate Capital Tax Instalment
Saskatchewan Fuel Tax 10A
Saskatchewan Liquor Consumption Tax
Saskatchewan Provincial Sales Tax
Saskatchewan Wholesale Tobacco Tax