Payroll Services

Manage your payroll easily!

If you're a business owner, you know that payroll administration can be complicated and time-consuming. Why not let payroll experts handle details like calculating deductions, making up and signing cheques, and recording and reconciling your entries – so you can free your time up to run your business?

Ceridian1 Canada Ltd., one of Canada's leading payroll management companies, offers payroll and managed human resources solutions to businesses in virtually all industries across Canada2. Regardless of the size of your business or complexity of your payroll needs, Ceridian can help you cost-effectively outsource a payroll facility, eliminating the need to operate your own payroll department.

Key benefits

Personal attention

  • Concise reporting
  • Year-end assistance with tax returns (T4s/Relev 1s and T4As/Relev 2s)


  • Option for direct deposit or cheques
  • Custom tailored and priced payroll program for your company
  • 24-hour payroll processing turnaround
  • Records of employment
  • Processing for government filings and remittances

Payroll services could be for your company if:

  • You need to simplify your payroll.
  • Your data management is getting too complex.
  • You want to spend less time managing your payroll and more time managing your business.
  • Your company is growing and you do not want to hire additional administration staff.