Our commitment

Small businesses make significant contributions to the economy and to our communities. In Canada, approximately 99.7% of employer businesses are small- and medium-sized enterprises and employ over 10.5 million individuals. At CIBC, we’re improving financial inclusion for small businesses by removing barriers and widening access to capital.

We know that entrepreneurs come from many diverse backgrounds and all walks of life. This is why CIBC is committed to building meaningful relationships with diverse women so that they too can achieve their ambitions. Partnerships such as How She Hustles help us do that.

About the network

How She Hustles Opens in a new window. is one of Canada’s leading social networks for diverse women entrepreneurs who are making their mark in the startup ecosystem and corporate professionals who are changing the leadership landscape. For 10 years, the network has amplified voices through sold-out events and award-winning digital content, and there’s much more to come. CIBC was How She Hustles’ first corporate sponsor in 2018, and together, we have worked on several initiatives since then.

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Startup and Slay

Startup and Slay is a digital series featuring Canada’s diverse women and non-binary entrepreneurs, brought to life by How She Hustles and sponsored by CIBC.

The entrepreneurs profiled in this series share inspiring stories about starting, sustaining and scaling their small businesses during COVID-19.

As entrepreneurs focus on recovery, CIBC is supporting initiatives to enable inclusive growth for businesses across Canada.

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The launch of Startup and Slay featured 6 entrepreneurs from across Canada.

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7 tips for financing a startup

Written by Ishani Nath

CIBC Business Banking expert, Nav Dhaliwal, provides his tips for financing a startup with the How She Hustles community.

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Other events and initiatives we’ve sponsored to help women entrepreneurs

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