How To

Proper planning and checking off the right tasks on your to-do list can help you start strong when launching the new business.
Cheshta Mann May. 24, 2021 5-minute read

We’ve outlined 10 simple steps on how to start a business with a bang:

1. Select your business structure

2. Register your business

Sole proprietorship and partnership



3. Choose your business name

4. Get your GST/HST

5. Get your business license

6. Hire employees

7. Get insured

8. Finance your business

9. Keep those receipts

10. Market and advertise

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Cheshta Mann

Cheshta Mann is a freelance writer based in London, Ontario. She works with a diverse range of clients across industries. With her financial background and a seven-year writing tenure, she takes pride in supporting content development for CIBC. Cheshta is also pursuing her career in the accounting field.