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What “One for change” means

It takes only one person to make a difference. But it takes a certain kind of person: someone passionate, resourceful and tenacious. For people like this, giving back is personal. It comes from the heart. And when they get together, great things happen. These are the people who make up the CIBC team. Together, all the changes they make, make our communities better.


Zina Atkinson, CIBC employee

“I’ve lost too many of my loved ones to breast cancer. I’m not a doctor or a medical researcher, but I needed a way to be able to help with the fight against the disease. That’s why I’ve been involved in the CIBC Run for the Cure for over 25 years.”

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Yan Morneau, CIBC employee

"As a father of three, I feel that children battling cancer are heroes. I cycled in the 4-day Tour CIBC Charles-Bruneau, cheered on by a 7-year-old girl fighting leukemia.”

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Gaylynne Bergen, CIBC employee

“When my brother had his leg amputated, he focused on what he could do. And with help from the Canadian Paralympic Committee he’s won 2 medals at the Paralympic Games.”

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Olay, CIBC employee

“When I came to Canada, United Way helped me keep my son safe and cared for while I went to school. Now I give back so others can succeed just like I have.”

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For Team CIBC, giving back is personal. Each year thousands of employees give generously to causes that matter most to them. Together we strengthen our communities. You can help.

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Learn how CIBC’s community investment programs enrich lives and brighten futures.

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Community investment

CIBC helps strengthen communities with corporate donations and partnerships that support services, programs and organizations working to help cancer research and people with disabilities.

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