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“I was brought up to be thankful for what I have and to give back to those who are less fortunate.”

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North York Harvest Food Bank

  • Founded in 1986 as a volunteer-driven organization, North York Harvest Food Bank (NYH) has grown to become the primary food bank in northern Toronto. Today, NYH collects 2 million pounds of food each year, distributing it to 38 agencies through 77 community programs.
  • In addition to providing dignified food access for those in need, NYH is also striving to provide longer-term solution through a number of programs that helps fight poverty — the root cause of hunger. Leadership In Logistics, for instance, provides job training to community members receiving social assistance. Over 70% of the graduates went on to find jobs, and more important maintain them, in this field.
  • Over the past decade, food bank usage has increased by an astounding 61%. The only reason we can continue to meet the rising needs is due to the generosity of our donors and volunteers.
  • Without the community’s support, NYH wouldn’t be able to fulfill its mission in providing dignified food access, empowering individuals and strengthening communities.
  • Volunteers donate their time by collecting food and goods, sorting through donations and serving on the board. They work hard to make sure families don't go hungry.
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At CIBC, we celebrate motivated, dedicated and passionate team players who give from the heart. No matter how large or small, each change makes a difference. Their changes make our communities better.

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