Tia Peric, CIBC employee

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— Tia Peric, Capital Markets - Global Investment Banking, CIBC, Toronto

“By participating in the Covenant House Sleep Out, I am humbled by the reality of what so many in the city experience each night. Spending the evening on the streets motivates me to make a difference. I believe all youth should feel safe and supported.

 Covenant House is more than a homeless shelter. The incredible staff are dedicated to ending the cycle of poverty by offering schooling and career programs to help youth successfully reintegrate into the community. Hearing from youth at the Sleep Out who have benefitted from the programming at Covenant House inspires me to keep supporting this special organization. 

I spend an evening sleeping outside because everyone deserves a warm place to call home. By spearheading Team CIBC’s involvement in the annual Sleep Out and helping organize the event, I try to make a difference in the lives of some of the most marginalized youth in our city.”

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Covenant House

Children standing and talking outside the Covenant House building.
  • CIBC and CIBC Children's Foundation have supported Covenant House since 1991.
  • Since 2004, CIBC have supported Covenant House Rights of Passage program
    • Rights of Passage (ROP) offers homeless youth, the opportunity to develop life skills and benefit from a communal environment to prepare them for independent living. 
    • At any given time ROP houses 28 youth, each given a room of their own for about one year
    • Rights of Passage gives kids a safe place to grow and build a stable foundation

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