How to Apply for Funding

CIBC's online funding application requires approximately 30 minutes to complete, but will vary depending on the details of your request. You can save a partially completed application and return to it later if necessary.

Before you apply, please ensure you have reviewed CIBC's funding guidelines and that your request meets at least one of our strategic areas of focus — Kids, Cures and Community.

All information needed to evaluate funding requests is provided through the online application process; therefore, applicants will not be required to upload files or attachments to the application. If we require further details, we will contact you directly.

You will receive an email confirming receipt of your application following submission.

Online application form checklist

You will need the following to complete the application:

  • The full name, address, telephone number and email address of the key contact for your organization
  • The organization's charitable registration number with Canada Revenue Agency
  • A brief description of the organization, its history, mandate, goals and achievements
  • Funding request details with desired impact and specific benefits to end users
  • Project budget, if applicable
  • Board of Directors listing including each member's name, occupation, employer, role on the Board and if they are affiliated with CIBC
  • Names of any CIBC employees who volunteer with your organization
  • Does your organization have current audited financial statements available if requested?
  • Previous funding from CIBC or the CIBC Children's Foundation
  • Key sources of funding, including government, foundations, other corporate and private donors
  • A recognition plan
  • For application deadlines, please visit the FAQ page.

What amount of funding is reasonable to request

  • Most organizations receive donations of less than $10,000
  • For major fundraising campaigns, CIBC will consider funding up to a maximum of 0.5% of the private sector fundraising goal to a cap of $500,000. Note: CIBC will only consider requests once all government funding (federal, provincial and municipal) has been confirmed
  • All multi-year campaigns include a three-year sunset clause, or non-contributing period, following payment of the final installment. This applies to all organizations including those that are currently receiving funding through a major fundraising campaign or amalgamated campaign.
  • If an organization has both a national office and regional chapters, we consider the funding we provide to both levels