General Terms and Conditions

  • Cheques or debits transacted at your branch may not be included with the account statement.
  • Cheques deposited will be credited subject to final payment. We undertake to exercise reasonable diligence to collect cheques but are not responsible for any delay, notice or failure to collect.
  • You may make deposits at any CIBC branch which accepts over-the-counter business deposits (each a "Depository Location"). All deposits made at a Depository Location will be credited to one or more of your accounts (each a "Designated Account"). Your branch of account for any deposits made at a Depository Location will continue to be the CIBC branch which maintains the Designated Account to be credited with your deposits. Each deposit made at a Depository Location, through a teller processing for same day value, will be processed for credit to the related Designated Account as of the same business day. Deposits made through a teller not processed for same day value will be processed for credit as of the next business day. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays that CIBC is closed are not business days for this purpose. Cash withdrawals are not permitted and cheques cannot be cashed or certified at Depository Locations other than your branch of account. You authorize CIBC to debit your Designated Account for any returned item pertaining to deposits previously processed.
  • In most cases, deposits, withdrawals and other transactions done at a branch or bank machine after 6:00 p.m. local time, and any Telephone Banking and Online Banking transactions done after 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time will be processed the next business day.
  • Monthly account, transaction and items deposited fees are calculated for the calendar month up to and including the final business day of the month. Such fees are dated the final calendar day of the month but are not posted until the second business day in the following month.
  • U.S. dollar coins deposited or exchanged will be treated as if they are Canadian dollar coins.
  • All fees are subject to applicable taxes.
  • Please note: In some instances, different charges, separately negotiated between CIBC and the individual client, may apply. Other terms and conditions applicable to your account are set out in the account agreements or in the agreement respecting the particular service.
  • This disclosure brochure outlines many of the charges for commonly used services. Charges for services not contained in this summary may be obtained from a CIBC business advisor.
  • Digital or electronic representations of cheques and other Instruments, or the relevant information from the cheque or Instrument, may be made or captured and used by financial institutions involved in the exchange and clearing of payments in Canada and elsewhere, in which case the original paper item may be destroyed and not returned to you. CIBC is entitled to act upon such a representation or information for all purposes as if it were the original paper item. CIBC and other financial institutions may reject any cheque or other Instrument that does not comply in all respects with all applicable by-laws, regulations, rules and standards of CIBC and the Canadian Payments Association.

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