CIBC Business Banking Convenience Card®

Your key to banking anytime, anywhere

With the CIBC Business Banking Convenience Card, you'll benefit from the convenience of banking when and where you want.

The CIBC Business Banking Convenience Card also allows you to take advantage of the CIBC Business Banking Customized Access feature — so you can customize each delegate's access to your accounts, giving you more time to focus on running your business and greater control over your cash flow.

If your Convenience Card doesn't have the CIBC Business logo on it, talk to us to find out how you can start doing your business banking faster, more easily and more conveniently.

Bank from where you want, when you want*

Enjoy the convenience of being able to conduct your banking through the channels that best suit your needs - in branch, CIBC Instant Teller® bank machines, INTERAC® Direct Payment, CIBC Telephone Banking or CIBC Online Banking®

Do more with your card

Save time by using Telephone Banking or Online Banking to perform banking tasks such as:

  • Paying or adding new registered bills, transferring funds, arranging for stop payments or viewing your CIBC business accounts in one place through CIBC Online Banking - including CIBC deposit accounts, Visa* accounts, lines of credit and mortgages
  • Making balance inquiries, or changing your address online or through Telephone Banking
  • Applying for credit up to $100,000, including overdraft protection through Telephone Banking
  • Filing information and paying government business taxes online

Get the recognition you deserve

Your card ensures you are recognized as the primary signing authority so we can better service you - regardless of how you choose to bank.

Enhanced flexibility and control with Customized Access

  • Maximize your time by assigning routine financial transactions and tasks to delegates with Customized Access
  • Tailor the access levels assigned to each of your delegates according to their responsibilities
  • Revoke or change access at any time
  • Monitor account activities by primary signing authority and Delegate Card on your monthly statement or online

Is it right for my business?

Consider the CIBC Business Banking Convenience Card if you:

  • Own or manage a business
  • Have a CIBC Business Operating Account, CIBC Business Investment Growth Account® or CIBC U.S. Dollar Current Account
  • Want to take advantage of the CIBC Business Banking Customized Access feature

Information you need to know

Additional cards

Receive an unlimited number of CIBC Business Banking Convenience Cards (including Delegate Cards) at no additional charge.

What you can do with the card

Choose from the banking channels that best meet your needs depending on the task you need to complete:



Telephone Banking

Online Banking

INTERAC Direct Payment

CIBC Instant Teller Bank Machine










Order business Cheques



Re-order business cheques





Change business address





Transfers between accounts






Pay bills and add new bills






INTERAC e-Transfer®


Account inquiries






Consolidated view of accounts





Apply for Overdraft Protection




Apply for credit up to $100,000




Security and protection

To reduce the risk of fraud, Convenience Cards and PINs (Personal Identification Number) should never be shared.

For your convenience and security, you have the option of providing Delegate Cards to employees who conduct routine financial transactions and tasks on your behalf. Each cardholder is provided with a PIN to ensure that only they have access to their account(s).

For additional protection, account activity can be monitored by card number and Delegate Cards can be easily cancelled or adjusted to change access levels.

Accessible accounts

Your card can be linked to:

  • CIBC Business Operating Account
  • CIBC Business Investment Growth Account®
  • CIBC U.S. Dollar Current Account
  • A CIBC Visa account (if there is only one person assigned to sign on the business account)
  • CIBC Business Overdraft

Personal accounts and Visa Cards (including CIBC bizline® Visa Card and Aeroplan® Visa Business Card) can also be attached to Business Banking Convenience Cards provided the individual making the request is the sole signing officer on the business account and has full signing authority (e.g. authority to sign alone) on the personal accounts attached to the card. If there is more than 1 signing authority associated with the business account, the signing officers must have full signing authority (e.g. authority to sign alone) on both the business accounts and personal accounts attached to the card (for example, husband and wife signing authorities).

Corporate Visa Cards can only be added as a bill payment.


The ABM limit is $1,000 per day and the limit for INTERAC Direct Payments is $3,000. Delegate Cards can be set up with much lower daily limits or no access to cash.

How to get your card

CIBC Business Banking Convenience Cards can be issued, replaced or updated at your home branch.

Protect Your PIN

It's important for you and your delegates to protect your PIN numbers. Otherwise you could be liable for unauthorized transactions.

  1. Never share your Convenience Card or give your PIN to anyone
  2. Never use an easily-guessed password
  3. When making transactions, use your body or hand as a shield
  4. If your card is lost or stolen, call 1-800-663-4575 immediately