Canadian Dollar Accounts

All of the following fees for Canadian accounts are in Canadian dollars.

CIBC Business Operating Account

A CIBC Business Operating Account is the foundation of your banking activities with CIBC and allows you to take advantage of our broad range of financial services.

Our account options offer everyday banking benefits and exceptional value for businesses with low to high transaction volumes.

  • Enjoy the flexibility to bank when and where you want - in-branch, by phone, at an ABM, or by using our online and mobile banking services - to conveniently and efficiently meet your day-to-day banking needs
  • Unlimited account balance or account activity inquiries through CIBC Instant Teller® bank machines, CIBC Telephone Banking, CIBC Online Banking®, CIBC Cash Management Online® (CMO)9 or Branch Banking
  • Unlimited CIBC Small Business Convenience Cards®
  • The ability to assign routine financial transactions and tasks to your delegates with the CIBC Small Business Customized Access® feature
  • Access to Wallet Depository Service
  • eStatements available at no additional charge through online channels10

Accounts available:

Monthly Account Fee3 Monthly Transactions Included1 Fee for Each Transaction1
CIBC Unlimited Business Operating Account® Offers businesses with a high number of monthly transactions1 the ability to simplify banking and enhance cash flow for one low monthly fee. With unlimited transactions1 such as withdrawals, deposit transactions, transfers, bill payments as well as a cash, coin and cheque deposit package2, this account offers a consistent monthly fee even when your banking activity increases. $50 Unlimited $0
CIBC Everyday Business Operating Account® Offers exceptional value to businesses with a consistent number of monthly transactions1. With everyday banking benefits such as 30 transactions1 each month, a cash, coin and cheque deposit package6 and the flexibility to minimize fees when you use only electronic channels to perform transactions1 in a month, this account not only helps you manage your cash flow, but also your bottom line. Electronic Channel Access

All Channel Access
30 $1
CIBC Basic Business Operating Account® Offers businesses with a low number of monthly transactions1 the flexibility to minimize your monthly banking fees by paying only for what you use. This account gives the ability to perform all of your day-to-day banking, anytime and anywhere at CIBC for a low monthly account fee. $6 0 $1

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CIBC Not-for-Profit Operating Account

The CIBC Not-for-Profit Operating Account offers a cost-effective solution to meet the needs of local not-for-profit or community based organizations. This account includes a low monthly account fee and 10 transactions1 so you can put your organization's money to its best use.

Fee summary

  • Monthly account fee3$4
  • Transactions included1,510/month
  • Each additional transaction$1

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CIBC Business Investment Growth Account*

The CIBC Business Investment Growth Account offers the opportunity to earn a competitive rate of return on surplus funds while maintaining full liquidity. It is the perfect complement to your business operating account and provides you with easy access to your funds when you need them.

Fee summary

  • Monthly account fee3No charge
  • Each credit transaction1$1
  • Each debit transaction1$5

For CIBC Business Investment Growth Accounts, interest is credited to your account effective as of the last business day of the calendar month and will be reflected in your account records and available to you two business days after the end of the calendar month. Interest rates quoted are annual and are subject to change without prior notice and are on display at any branch.

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CIBC Business Operating Account for Commercial/Large Corporate Clients

The CIBC Business Operating Account for Commercial/Large Corporate clients is a Canadian dollar account designed to meet all your business banking needs from day-to-day transactions to more complex cash management services.

Fee summary

  • Minimum monthly account fee$6
  • Includes one free transaction1 for every $2,000 held in the account throughout the calendar month4
  • Each additional transaction1$1
  • Minimum monthly account fee is waived if you have no transactions1 during the calendar month

Note: Monthly account fee equals the minimum monthly account fee, or the total of transaction fees for the month less any free transactions, whichever is greater.

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Terms and Conditions

Products and their features may change at any time. Get complete information about fees here (197 KB).

* Available to qualified Small Business clients only.

1 Transactions include any debits and credits to your account (excluding CIBC interest credits and fee debits). Debits include, without limitation, withdrawals, cheques, pre-authorized payments, bill payments, INTERAC® Direct Payments, INTERAC e-Transfer® payments, direct deposits and transfers to other accounts. Credits include, without limitation, deposits, pre-authorized payments, bill payments, INTERAC Direct Payments, INTERAC e-Transfer payments, and direct deposits and transfers from other accounts (except transfers from CIBC business accounts). Additional charges may apply including, without limitation, INTERAC e-Transfer, "Items Deposited" and "Currency Supplied" fees where applicable. Refer to Additional Services and Charges for details.

2 Cheque deposits include cheques, money orders, drafts and all other clearing items. "Items deposited" charges apply to deposits in excess of 100 cheques or $15,000 cash or $1,000 coin per month; See Additional Services and Charges for details.

3 Monthly fee applies even if there is no account activity. Other fees may apply to the operation of your account; see Additional Services and Charges for details.

4 Free transaction(s) cannot be carried forward for use in subsequent months.

5 If you choose a Flat Fee Package and perform fewer than the allowed number of transactions in a month, the unused transactions cannot be carried forward to subsequent months.

6 Cheque deposits include cheques, money orders, drafts and all other clearing items. "Items deposited" charges apply to deposits in excess of 25 cheques or $3,000 cash or $300 coin per month; See Additional Services and Charges for details.

7 Electronic channel access refers to transactions2 performed through one the following channels: ABM's, Point of Sale terminals, Wallet Depository Service, Telephone Banking or CIBC Business Contact Centre Automated Service, CIBC Online Banking or CIBC Cash Management Online®

8 All channel access fee applies if any transactions2 were performed in the month in a CIBC Branch or by a telephone representative through CIBC Telephone Banking or the CIBC Business Contact Centre.

9 CMO monthly Maintenance fee will apply.

10 eStatements are available once a month at month end on CIBC Online Banking or based on your preferred statement cycle on CIBC Cash Management Online (CMO). To view eStatements on CIBC Online Banking, you must be a Signatory or Co-Signatory and registered for CIBC Online Banking. To view eStatements on CMO, you must be registered for CMO, entitled to one or more business accounts and entitled to eStatements. Included with CMO monthly Maintenance fee.


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