Advanced Financial Solutions

For the continued success of your business

To help meet complex financial needs, we offer advanced solutions that can be customized to address specific needs.


We understand that access to capital is critical to the growth of your business, so we will work with you to recommend borrowing options that meet your needs. We offer a wide range of credit solutions, including commercial mortgages, loans and lines of credit, and more - all at competitive rates.

Cash Management

CIBC can help you save time and overhead expenses with our Cash Management services. Simplify your payment processing, account management, tax filing and more while you focus on running your business.

Succession Planning

Prepare your business and your family for the future with a sound succession plan. We can help you ensure a tax-efficient transfer of your business, structure a retirement income and more. Whether you are thinking about transferring your business to a partner or family member, or selling your business outright, your CIBC business advisor will help you develop the right plan for you.

Wealth Management

It can be challenging to effectively manage your investments when you spend so much time running a successful business. Our investment specialists can provide expert advice and help you build a personalized portfolio that suits your needs.

Exclusive privileges

Qualified businesses can also receive access to a range of premium services that can make it easier to run your business. These exclusive privileges include daily account check-ups, faster access to funds from cheques, and higher bank machine deposit limits.

Manage Your Payables

With Direct Deposit, you can pay groups of employees, suppliers, or investors easily and cost effectively.

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