CIBC Farm Operating Loan

Your CIBC Farm Operating Loan helps you manage your day-to-day farm expenses.1

You can use your CIBC Farm Operating Loan to cover day-to-day farm operating expenses, including the purchase of feeder livestock, seed, fertilizer, feed, and the cost of repairs and maintenance costs, rent and other living costs.

CIBC Farm Operating Loan Key Benefits:

  • ensures funds are available to meet your on-going farm operating expenses, while at the same time minimizing your interest costs.
  • provides you with an overdraft limit specifically tailored to meet your business needs.
  • simplifies your bookkeeping with one simple monthly business account statement that records all transactions and your loan balance.
  • CIBC Farm Credit Life Insurance2 also helps provides you and your family with protection from financial hardship if something were to happen to you.

Your CIBC Farm Operating Loan is simple to use. It's as easy as writing a cheque on, or making a deposit to, your CIBC Business Account. You only borrow the exact amount that you require at any given time; therefore, minimizing your cost of borrowing. The outstanding balance of your CIBC Farm Operating Loan may fluctuate widely in line with your farm business cycle.

Optional Features Available:

Payment Options:

  • Interest is calculated on the balance of your CIBC Farm Operating Loan outstanding at the end of each day at a rate based on a spread over the Bank's prime rate3, which fluctuates with market conditions and is charged to your account each month.

Reductions to your CIBC Farm Operating Loan can be made at any time without prepayment fees.

To apply or get more information about CIBC Farm Loans, talk to a CIBC business advisor or visit a CIBC Banking CentreOpens a new window in your browser.

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