How To

Read your business plan out loud. Ask yourself these questions: Does it sound effective? Does it have a tone of confidence?
Lauren Rabindranath Jan. 21, 2021 4-minute read

The “dos” for writing a solid business plan

Be professional yet simple

Refer to your business in third person

Be concise

Supply evidence 

Be realistic 

Practice makes perfect


Be optimistic

The “don’ts ” of writing your business plan

Avoid acronyms and abbreviations

Use industry specific abbreviations and acronyms only if necessary and if they’re part of your business operations. 

Don’t assume the reader knows your industry

Investors and advisors are here to support you. Allow them to understand what industry your business lives in. Provide in-depth knowledge of your industry so they can understand your business functions.

Don’t turn it into an essay

Avoid extensive research

Don’t be repetitive

Don’t forget about it

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Lauren Rabindranath

Lauren Rabindranath is a copywriter and communications consultant based in Toronto, Ontario, who works with clients across industries. Working with CIBC Business Banking, Lauren supports content development for online platforms, relating her personal experience as an entrepreneur to CIBC’s tailored services.