Growing Your Business

Buying a Business

This 3-part series examines the various stages to successful planning, executing and integrating an acquisition. Each part of this series helps prospective business owners consider the following when making an acquisition:

The importance of taking a strategic approach to acquisitions (PDF, 580 KB)

How to maximize deal value through smart execution (PDF, 590 KB)

How to ensure successful integration following an acquisition (PDF, 570 KB)

Digital Toolkits

Take advantage of online opportunities to grow your business using our CIBC toolkits, co-developed with Google and our Merchant Services partners. Whether you're a beginner looking to get your business online or you already have an online presence, we can help.

Create Your Web Presence (PDF, 2 MB)

Grow Your Web Presence (PDF, 3 MB)

Sell Your Products Online (PDF, 2 MB)

Manage Your Business Online (PDF, 2 MB)

Grow Online Worksheet (PDF, 4 MB)

A conversation with Erin Bennett: Importance of having an online presence

As it becomes increasingly important for businesses to have an online presence to continue meeting their clients' needs, Erin Bennett, CIBC, Vice-President, Global Transaction Banking, shares key insights on how businesses can make the most of online opportunities.

Featured Speakers:
Shelley Swanlund, Vice-President, CIBC Business Banking & Head of Small Business
Erin Bennett, CIBC, Vice-President, Global Transaction Banking

Capitalize on Online Opportunities - Questionnaire
As your banking partner, we want to work with you to capitalize on all of the online opportunities available to you to take your business to the next level. Complete this questionnaire to see if your business is making the most of online opportunities and review the helpful suggestions on what to do next.

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Fostering Innovation

Innovation is the catalyst for business growth. But being 'innovative' means being open to new ideas and technology, and making a commitment to adapt to industry changes.

Low cost ways to market your business

Marketing doesn't have to cost big bucks. Find out how to keep your marketing strategies smart and cost-effective.

The One-Trick Pony: Predictable crises on the way to growing your business

Ken Wong, Marketing Professor at Queen's University, discusses the challenges facing businesses seeking to follow up on an initial success and explains the five factors to a successful product launch.

For more information, watch the full webcast or contact a CIBC business advisor.

Tip Sheet on Conducting a Successful Product Launch (PDF, 180 KB)
Thinking of launching a new product, but not sure where to start? Don't get stressed out - just make sure you follow these five steps to get your product to market.

First steps to exporting
Exporting is a big step, but it doesn't have to be a leap into the unknown. Take the right approach and you can become an exporter without exposing your business to unnecessary risk.

How to increase profit
Increasing profit isn't just about reducing costs. It's about increasing efficiency and turnover, and using appropriate targets too.

Managing cash flow in growth situations
For many small businesses, growth is the barometer for success. But expansion can present challenges, particularly in the area of cash flow. In order to grow successfully, you need to be prepared.

How to raise capital

Acquiring additional capital will help ensure your business runs smoothly and you have enough cash to fund your growth. This video will guide you on the options you can explore to raise the cash you need.

How to improve your profit engines (PDF, 160 KB)

Let's lift the hood on your business and look at the profit engine. It runs on cash, so the more you generate and the more economically you use it, the further your profit engine can take you.

Increasing your chance of success (PDF, 190 KB)
It always pays to think in advance when growing your business - no matter how small it may be. To increase your chance of success you need to identify risks before they appear on the horizon and put measures in place to minimise their potential impact.The best way to do this is to plan ahead and make financial forecasts. The good news is you don't have to be a maths whizz to crunch the numbers.

Client Profiles

TWI Foods: Growing Global (PDF, 90KB)

Going global has allowed TWI Foods to see a 200 per cent increase in revenue growth in a short period of time. This article explores key questions and tips to consider when thinking about expanding to international markets.

Paul's Transport: Moving beyond organic growth (PDF, 90KB)
Growth doesn't have to be limited to simply the expansion of your current business. See how one company found a growth opportunity outside of its core business.

Eric Sana: Altering how fashion is made (PDF, 180KB)
Expansion can take many forms, whether it's building upon your current successes or looking for opportunities to address other complementary needs of your clients. Find out how the founder of an alteration chain branched out with his own lifestyle brand.

Zipp Lash takes growth to a new level (PDF, 90KB)
Businesses can use alternative distribution channels to expand. This article shows the importance of using the right channel to reach your clients and how one business does just this to grow.

U.S. expansion a profitable strategy for Rebox (PDF, 180KB)
When it comes to exporting, taking the right approach can help you enter new markets without exposing your business to unnecessary risks. This article shows how one business expanded successfully, and provides you with some key steps to consider when planning to export.

Technology investments drive growth for event management company, Bruce & Boivin (PDF, 280KB)
Digital technologies are creating new opportunities for businesses. See how one business is advancing to the next level through digital strategies and learn how you can use these strategies to engage clients.

AJ Graphics Printing invests in the digital future (PDF, 210KB)
For many growing businesses, investing in innovation is all about timing. The article shows the significant impact an investment in innovation can have on your cash flow.

Partnerships fuel business growth for Empire Industries (PDF, 230KB)
Partnerships can play a key role in creating extended distribution networks and new revenue streams for your business. Read more to learn how to support your growth through partnerships.

Customer needs take priority at Lee Valley Tools (PDF, 290KB)
Understanding your company's unique skills and resources forms the basis of your competitive advantage. Read more tips on how to build sustainable competitive advantage for your business.

Beyond technology: Why McCloskey International chooses to innovate the old fashioned way (PDF, 250KB)
One of the keys to achieving growth is building a self-sustaining innovation culture and putting the support models in place to drive innovation. This article shows how to set the right innovation framework for your business.

A Measured Approach to Expansion Pays Off for Uniform Works (PDF, 110 KB)
Success can also create challenges for a small business. The growth of your business can outpace its ability to sustain itself if your existing infrastructure cannot fully support the expansion. Read more to learn how one company managed its growth effectively.

Managing your Small Business through Growth: An Interview
Kalen Emsley is a Co-Founder and the Chief Marketing Officer at Ten Tree. He shares best practises and learning that have helped his company achieve success.

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