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See how real businesses achieved and continue to achieve success in their industries, whether through digital strategies, expansion into international markets, evolving their business, or other strategies.

Start Strong
Smart investing leads to sweet success for Jelly Modern Doughnuts (PDF, 110 KB)
Whether you're starting a new business or growing an established one, it's important to set up your infrastructure early in the game. Read more about the key ingredients to a successful business plan.

Yellow Dog Brewing: Strategic Location and Family-Friendly Atmosphere Brew Results (PDF, 110 KB)
Where you choose to base your business can often have a direct impact on your growth and profitability. Read more on how one company's choice of location contributed to their success.

Entrepreneur Grants Give Intellijoint Surgical a Leg Up (PDF, 100 KB)
Small business start-ups often find it hard to access capital since they typically lack credit history and collateral. This article shows how one company started strong by securing financing from governments and other investors.

Going global has allowed TWI Foods to see a 200 per cent increase in revenue growth in a short period of time. This article explores key questions and tips to consider when thinking about expanding to international markets.
Growth doesn't have to be limited to simply the expansion of your current business. See how one company found a growth opportunity outside of its core business.
Expansion can take many forms, whether it's building upon your current successes or looking for opportunities to address other complementary needs of your clients. Find out how the founder of an alteration chain branched out with his own lifestyle brand.
Businesses can use alternative distribution channels to expand. This article shows the importance of using the right channel to reach your clients and how one business does just this to grow.
When it comes to exporting, taking the right approach can help you enter new markets without exposing your business to unnecessary risks. This article shows how one business expanded successfully, and provides you with some key steps to consider when planning to export.
Digital technologies are creating new opportunities for businesses. See how one business is advancing to the next level through digital strategies and learn how you can use these strategies to engage clients.
For many growing businesses, investing in innovation is all about timing. The article shows the significant impact an investment in innovation can have on your cash flow.
Partnerships can play a key role in creating extended distribution networks and new revenue streams for your business. Read more to learn how to support your growth through partnerships.
Understanding your company's unique skills and resources forms the basis of your competitive advantage. Read more tips on how to build sustainable competitive advantage for your business.
One of the keys to achieving growth is building a self-sustaining innovation culture and putting the support models in place to drive innovation. This article shows how to set the right innovation framework for your business.
A Measured Approach to Expansion Pays Off for Uniform Works (PDF, 110 KB)
Success can also create challenges for a small business. The growth of your business can outpace its ability to sustain itself if your existing infrastructure cannot fully support the expansion. Read more to learn how one company managed its growth effectively.

Sustaining Success
Trutone Electronics sets itself apart (PDF, 90 KB)
You don't have to be big to have a competitive advantage. See how one independent retailer kept up with the market by continuing to evolve his business and keeping customer needs.

Targeting smaller markets yields big growth for Nu Dimensions (PDF, 90 KB)
Focusing on a niche market is one way a small business can stand out in a crowded market space. This article highlights one business that continued to increase its sales by pursuing customers in niche markets.
Investing in a new technology can offer exciting opportunities to expand your business. By doing this, one business has increased revenue and established itself as an industry leader.
Strategic partnerships can enable you to expand quickly by utilizing the resources of your partners. Learn how one business formed strategic partnerships to grow.
When you combine a strong product line with a demanding market, managing company growth often requires help from strategic partners. Read more to learn how to close operational gaps by leveraging strategic partnerships.
Technology is the foundation that allows businesses to reach new customers or find new resources faster and more efficiently. The article explores how to optimize your investment in technology to drive business success.
When demand is high in your market, developing a deeper understanding of your customers' needs and forming strategic alliances are great ways to provide added value to your customers. Read more on how to align your business growth by making customer-centric decisions.
The foundations of international success start with building long-term relationships. The article shows how to learn to leverage the skills and knowledge that you have developed to build on the strength of an existing reputation.
As your business grows, so can your revenues and, unfortunately, your taxes. This article shows how one company structured its business to better manage their finances while maximizing cost and tax efficiencies.
When sales are growing, you can easily lose track of spending and exceed your cash flow and could quickly find yourself squeezed for funds. The article explores how one company mitigated this risk and avoided borrowing as they started up their business.

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