Are you paying enough attention to your personal finances?

You may be able to find valuable opportunities to leverage your situation as a business owner. Answer these questions to determine if your personal and business financial arrangements could be better managed.

  1. Do you give your personal banking as much attention as your business banking?
  2. Have you taken the time to outline your personal financial goals just as you have mapped out your business goals?
  3. Do you monitor your personal monthly cash flow, and have you thought about how you might manage it better?
  4. Do you review your personal net worth yearly to ensure you are on track to meet your personal financial goals?
  5. Do you have a single banking "point of contact" who can address all your business and personal banking needs and help you leverage all opportunities in your position as a business owner?
  6. Did you know that your family members can also benefit from your CIBC business advisor's expertise, and are they taking advantage of it?

A "no" answer to any of these questions indicates an area for attention. Talk to your CIBC business advisor, who can help you take a comprehensive look at ways to better manage your business and personal finances.

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