Business Transition

Itís never too early to start planning

Owners of successful small businesses are often so wrapped up in the day-to-day operations that they neglect to plan ahead for the day when they will exit their business. In fact, our research shows that only a small number of business owners have developed formal succession plans or other value-realizing exit strategies, despite the fact that a smooth transition can have a positive effect on a business and the incoming and outgoing owners.

Thinking ahead is essential to ensure that you can achieve your goals and that your business can either carry on without you at the helm or be sold for its maximum value.

No matter what your objectives, CIBC can help. Your CIBC business advisor can draw on the wide range of expertise within CIBC, which spans estate planning, financing, investing, and wealth management, to help you transition your business to new owners or realize the maximum value of its assets. Our team can work with your existing advisors, such as your companyís lawyers and accountants, to provide you with comprehensive advice.

Ready to start your transition plan?

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Key benefits

Increased Value Maximize the value of the business upon sale
Greater Security Develop retirement income strategies to suit your lifestyle, and reduce the risk of loss to your retirement and/or estate capital
Customized Solutions We help you develop a transition solution based on your unique needs and priorities.
Time Savings You can have the tax-effective transfer of your company's ownership and management arranged in advance.
Objective Advice Use our objective perspective to help guide you.
Tax Advantages Take advantage of tax-planning opportunities by coordinating your business and estate planning.
Continuity Create a smooth, secure transition that ensures the ongoing success and continued good reputation of your business under new leadership.

Is it for you?

Succession planning may be right for your business if:

  • a significant portion of your net worth is tied to your business
  • you are planning on passing the business on to a family member
  • you are considering future plans regarding the ownership of your business (such as sale to a third party or management)
  • you want to reduce the potential tax burden associated with selling your business


This article is intended to provide general information about CIBCís services and should not be construed as legal, tax, accounting, insurance or other advice. CIBCís advisors provide high-level information to help plan the transitioning of a business and can work with you and your team of tax, accounting, insurance, legal or other professionals to help craft a transition plan that is tailored to address your individual circumstances.


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Business Transition Planning Learn how to balance the day-to-day needs of running your business while planning for its eventual transition to new owners. Learn more