Succession Planning

It's never too early for succession planning

Our research shows that many Small Business owners have not developed formal succession plans or other exit strategies, despite the negative effect that a poor management transition can have on a business.

At CIBC, we are committed to helping you build a plan that will help you reach your personal and business goals. We can provide you with:

  • a comprehensive diagnosis of your current situation
  • objective advice around specific succession planning needs and considerations specific to you such as transitioning a family business or selling to a key person
  • an action plan drawing together the investment and retirement elements of your succession plan

Ready to start your succession plan?

Visit a CIBC branch or contact a business advisor.

Key benefits

Peace of mind You have the comfort of having a plan in place, and protection against unforeseen events.
Greater Security Succession planning can reduce the risk to your retirement capital.
Customized Solution We help you develop a succession solution based on your unique needs and priorities.
Saves you time You can have the tax-effective transfer of your company's ownership and management arranged in advance.
Objective advice You can depend on our objectivity to guide you.
Planning Effective planning can ensure a smooth ownership transition, and the continuation of your successful enterprise into the future.

Is it for you?

Succession planning may be right for your business if:

  • a significant portion of your net worth is tied to your business
  • you are planning on passing the business on to a family member
  • you are considering future plans regarding the ownership of your business (such as sale to a third party or management)
  • you want to reduce the potential tax burden associated with selling your business

Articles and tools

Succession Planning: Are you prepared?

How to get started on succession planning

Business Succession: It's Never Too Early to Start Planning (50 KB)


CIBC can provide general information on certain tax, insurance and legal matters. CIBC does not provide tax, insurance, or legal advice. To understand and confirm the Business' specific tax, insurance, and legal needs and how best to fulfill them, the Business should consult a tax, insurance, or legal professional, as applicable.