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Investor Fact Sheet

This fact sheet provides a summary of shareholder information and highlights CIBC's recent business and financial performance.


Q1 2016 Investor Fact Sheet 


Q4 2015 Investor Fact Sheet (160 KB)

Q3 2015 Investor Fact Sheet (145 KB)

Q2 2015 Investor Fact Sheet (140 KB)

Q1 2015 Investor Fact Sheet (135 KB)


Q4 2014 Investor Fact Sheet (80 KB)

Q3 2014 Investor Fact Sheet (80 KB)

Q2 2014 Investor Fact Sheet (160 KB)

Q1 2014 Investor Fact Sheet (160 KB)

Common share information

Our common share information includes common dividends, common share description, Shareholder Investment Plan, and shareholder return.
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Preferred shares

Our preferred shares information includes preferred dividends, preferred share description, and preferred share ratings.
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Analyst coverage

Our dealers and analysts who cover CIBC's share price performance.
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